How We Work

Establish Partnerships

We align with your team to gain full understanding of the project scope and requirements. We also understand the constraints and listen carefully to your mission and goals. Only until we have full comprehension we move forward with solution engineering. Our policy prevents rework and miscommunication. Your project becomes our project. We work it as if we implementing the solution into our network

Proven Iterative approach

We apply a proven iterative approach to guiding projects to successful outcomes. The core process is repeatably utilized by our team - fully testing the effectiveness of the process. You benefit knowing there’s proven solution we implement to bring projects to successful conclusions.

Deliver solutions that work

Our team is empower with the tools and creative freedom to successfully move your projects to completion. Our engineer are high-skilled and have access multiple facets of resources that allow them to finish projects.

Our Areas of Expertise


Eliminate expense software, hardware, maintenance and infrastructure cost with a strategic move to Cloud. Whether its Hybrid, SAAS, PAAS or IAAS, lets us hear your needs and build a tailor solution for your Business


With more devices that access than people it’s becoming even harder to protect your critical assets. Although its a daunting task, it must be done. Companies sensitive data is stolen every second. Protect you and clients by hiring us to rollout a harden security solution without compromising workflow and productivity.


No severs to buy, no onsite equipment and no extra staff. We simply send you a phone plug it in and you have dial tone. If you need more than just dial-tone such as presence (no when user are available), video conference, desktop sharing and mobile phone application ACSSGlobal has you covered.


No need to hire an expensive staff you can borrow ours. We can monitor, support remote and onsite, patch management, data backup and security for your network and client needs.